Plastics / Product Development / Production

Product development with experienced specialists

Our approach speeds up development

We cut development times by carefully tailoring our work to suit your specific requirements. Our projects are ideally integrated into your development schedule - no matter how complex the task. Our controlling department monitors all project deadlines and delivery dates and keeps you up to date with progress. We offer all the services required for the entire product development process chain from one single source, so no time is lost due to interface problems. By using our specialists you expand your own resources quickly, without complications and without fixed costs.

Our approach improves your quality

Quality is a synthesis of experience, technical expertise and good communication. Quality is a process of constant further development. We are plastics specialists with expertise in various branches of industry. Our development experts also look beyond pure plastics solutions, sometimes combining plastics with metal components to obtain the ideal product. We use the latest "tools" - up-to-the-minute CAD technologies and innovative simulation software - at all stages of the development process. Being located in Aachen, a major technology center, we have access to modern processing technologies and the latest research findings.

Our approach reduces your costs

The manufacturing costs for a product are largely determined at the planning, design and development stage. We know the limits of the materials, draw up designs based on functional requirements and take into account the potential of the major manufacturing processes and modern moulds. We offer a comprehensive development package that reduces your development costs by offering the most efficient solutions to your needs. We design your product with processing in mind. Careful analysis and intensive work in the early stages of development save time, money and effort when scaling up to mass production. You can launch your product on the market earlier and thus reap the rewards sooner. At the same time you transform your fixed costs into variable and transparent project costs.

Our approach boosts your image

Your image is your capital. A good image helps you to get the price you want on the market, promotes stable customer relations and motivates your employees. You can do a lot for your image, for example, by delivering high-quality, innovative products. We specialize in the development of plastics products, offer creative ideas, implement them with care and expertise and use the latest technologies. The result is optimum products which reinforce your good reputation.