Plastics / Product Development / Production

Quality management to ensure the trouble free launch of a series production run

Recognizing, assessing and avoiding risks

Quality is a strategic area of competitive potential and forms one of the triumvirate goals of every product development task in conjunction with the costs and the time. Potential areas of weakness are recognized and assessed in a systematic manner prior to the production of the component by employing a structured QM system (e.g. FMEA). The things that the automotive industry has been using since the eighties in order to avoid expensive follow-up work and malfunctions and to support product improvements at the same time are also gradually becoming the standard in other sectors. During the FMEA the product or production process are broken down into their individual components and risk analysis, assessment and minimization work is carried out with the aid of a computer.

Impetus Plastics Engineering plans and implements the analysis of error possibilities and influences and is available as a moderator and consultant.