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Successful product development

Impetus as a neutral guarantor of efficient plans and low project costs

The special features involved in the development of plastics engineering products are the integration of the most diverse functions within expedient, secure designs that are also have a beautiful form, user-friendly design and can be produced economically. The integration of these elements places high demands upon all the individual components and thus on the most diverse technology areas - and this also applies to componentry made of plastic.

As a provider of engineering services Impetus can moderate this integration process, assume responsibility for the conception, construction and calculation of the plastic component as well as the selection of the material and organize the product implementation in the form of the process selection, tool design, tool construction and the supervision of the tool construction process as well as all the production steps derived from it.

Benefits of Impetus as a provider of development services for plastics components:

  • Development capacities that are available on a flexible basis
  • High levels of industry experience
  • Comprehensive development skills
  • Expertise and experience in the plastics industry
  • Neutral integrator of product developers, tool constructors, plastics processors and OEM
  • Accelerated processes
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced project costs