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Simulation-aided design of plastic components

Components designed whilst taking account of the materials and loads involved

Plastics are complex materials, which can also be seen when we view their mechanical behavior under strain. The stress / elongation ratio of this material demonstrates that it is very dependent upon the elongation, the elongation speed, the temperature, the moisture as well as the type of strain placed upon it.

You can only obtain realistic calculation results of the material properties of plastic components under strain if you select the right material models in addition to the mere networking of the geometry and the application of boundary conditions. The knowledge concerning the material model to be used, the material characteristic values that are necessary to this end and also the design criteria relating to the respective loading case under review is decisive to ensure the results are authoritative.

We carry out our mechanical simulation calculations with the ANSYS program system. In this process the following problem definitions are dealt with:

  • linear and non-linear as well as anisoptropic problem definitions
  • Components in contact with one another
  • various component variants relating to the agreed optimization goals
  • Strain loads
  • Vibrational calculation
  • impact-like strains
  • Composite fibre components