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Injection moulding simulation to ensure perfect tools and moulded parts

Rheological, mechanical and thermal tool or moulded part design

Minimal development times whilst still ensuring a constantly high level of product quality require the increased use of modern simulation procedures in a lot of construction sectors. This also applies in particular to the moulded parts and the tool design of injection moulded parts. In this process the filling simulation to optimize the geometry of the moulded part and the process parameters represent an indispensable aid. Areas of weaknesses such as weld lines or the trapping of air are recognized and can be rectified before the construction of the tool by changing the sprue and runner position, the type of sprue and runner or the geometry of the moulded part.

The special features during the special injection moulding procedures and during the injection moulding of elastomers and duroplastics can be simulated with additional calculation options in addition to the simulation of the single component injection moulding of thermoplastics.

We employ the Cadmould and Moldex program system within the manufacturing simulation process and process the following tasks:

  • Optimization of parameters and the planning of the colour matching
  • Draft calculation and stress analysis
  • Fibre orientation and layer analysis
  • Thermal analysis and drafting of the cooling geometry
  • GIT, RIM and Elastomer/Duromer Simulation